Old World Charm

The essential elements of old Main Street are contained in the design of these townhomes--full brick exteriors, paned windows, wrought iron fences, formal gardens and complementary architectural lights.

Each townhome is a step back in time to the neighborhoods of the 1920's and 1930's when walking to the theater, the grocery store, the library or shops was routine.

The townhomes' construction standards are a step into the future with all the energy features of Category One construction, Category 5 low-voltage wiring for the latest computer technology, and open floor plans for the best living in the next millenium.


Just Off Main features two neighborhoods which are part of the 450-acre Arbor Lakes master-planned community in Maple Grove.

The West Neighborhood comprises 61 townhomes located 150 feet west of Main Street.

The East Neighborhood comprises 64 townhomes located 1,000 feet east of Main Street overlooking three lakes.

Main Street, as the name implies, is a traditional pedestrian-friendly shopping street that connects new Maple Grove public facilities on the north with shops, theaters and restaurants on the south. 



(2) Georgetown 3-Bedroom - March 21st & April 11th -

 $1,925.00 per month






Please remember that Just Off Main is a No Pet Community